Services we offer

Supervisory Care

Unlike an institution or large group home setting, patients will experience the warmth of a beautiful home in a safe, family-orientated neighborhood with compassionate staff. From personal care to providing social and physical stimulation, we strive to keep our patients active and safe.

Personal Support

Bathing, grooming, hygiene, getting dressed and transfers, our caregivers are there to provide the assistance and support our patients need. Encouragement, self esteem, guidance and focus are our goals for our patients.

Support in General

From doing laundry, cooking meals, general household chores to everyday living our companionate staff help makes life easier for our patients and their families.


Our companionate staff help in all transportation needs of our patients. Whether it is appointments, therapy, running errands, shopping, movies, or general activities of daily living, they always assist while away and once they return.


We track all cognitive, physical, and spiritual progress of each patient through use of standardized documentation which is kept confidential. Each patient is evaluated as needed to reach the highest goals possible.


The patients will participate in designing a Social Calendar for the home that is voted on and accepted by a group consensus.